Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Because I know you care.

Look what is going to be happening to me this summer.

Spiderman 3—May 3

Shrek the Third—May 18

Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End—May 25

Ocean’s Thirteen—June 8

The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer—June 15

Transformers—July 4

The Bourne Ultimatum—August 3

At some point in there I am going to Puerto Rico too.

This summer is going to be awesome!


Katy said...

I like that your blog name reminds me of the Zac Attack from Saved By the Bell.

Clint said...

We have a lot in common because I want to see those movies as well. Amy is not a movie person. Come up here so we can see all those movies together on the same day...assuming they're all out at the same time. Also, that post about the dude drawing your feet...that worries me. I would have been checking my rear view mirror all the way home.

holly said...

where's harry?