Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Denny Duquette kind of problem.

My Grey’s Anatomy predictions:

Please know that I am the QUEEN of Grey’s Anatomy predictions, but I must first concede that I did not see George leaving for another hospital. My question is REALLY? George leaving? Addison leaving? Rumors of Burke leaving—perhaps a tragic death, an event that involves Denny leading Burke to the other side? Who will the show be about? No one. It will be dull. We are all tired of Meredith and Derek anyway.

With that said, here are my end of the season predictions:
• Both Izzy and Cali are prego with George’s baby.
• The Chief isn’t stepping down. He will be unable to see anyone able to handle the stress of it—he doesn’t want the job to ruin anymore FAMILES! DAMMIT!
• Alex is totally going to make some sort of commitment to Eva, pregnant ferry victim, and she is going to leave in some way. It will be as Addison put it tonight, “Some sort of Denny Duquette kind of problem.”
• The cheating of either Meredith on Derek or Derek on Meredith. Come on these two people are the kind of people who cannot stand happiness. It makes them feel all weird inside—like nausea or something.

That is pretty much all I know at this time. Perhaps George isn’t leaving the show and will only be going to a new hospital for a while. Kind of like when Jim left to go the other Dunder-Mifflin paper company. Fingers crossed.

Just think though—with the mass exciting of actors from the show makes our beloved Grey’s Anatomy even more like ER. Oh the joy of it.

The question really is WHY DOESN’T IZZY LEAVE? I hate her. I hate her. I hate her. I hate her. She is teh suck. Grr…

The only thing that will cure my hate for Izzy is if she is prego with George’s baby, and then during labor she dies. Therefore forcing Burke (if he is still on the show) and Christiana to raise the child as their own. Damn. That would be awesome.


Katy said...

I am so happy that I happened to check your blog just now. Because I laughed and laughed as I read this entry. Last night, Amy asked me if I I still watch "Grey's Anatomy." To which I said hell no because it reminds me of "ER" now with its whole "The sexiest Grey's Anatomy you can't miss ever" or "The most intense episode ever" blah blah blah. Which is EXACTLY what ER did and why I hate it. Anyway. Despite my disdain for the show, I am sort of gratified to know it is getting more and more out of hand every day with all the sex and people going a little crazy and I hope Cali and Izzie are both preggers. That would be awesome.

Sheena said...

Both women prego at the same time? that seems kind of outrageous don't you think?

maybe george will leave like on scrubs when elliot leaves to work at the clinic...but then come back, dramatic.

i'm super pissed at meredith and Derek. Just be happy. I guess then the show wouldn't be called "Grey's Anatomy" lame. lame. lame. lame.