Monday, April 23, 2007

Meet my roommates

I am pleased to introduce you to the ladies that I live with.

This is Hermione:

This is Anne:

Tonight Hermione tried to kill herself.

What lies beneath my apartment. Nothing at all soft to land on.

She wishes to be free. Free of this tiny apartment, and of that rascal Anne. Anne is such a baby, and cries all the time. Hermione longs for the days that she never knew. Days of tormenting people who are allergic to cats. Chasing rats down alley ways. She hates her pampered life.

Like always I was able to lure her back into the apartment with the hope of catching some string.

She immediately regrets her mistake of trusting me.

Sarah: 1
Hermione: 0


Sheena said...

Holla at your girl Hermione, be free! But you know your girl, Sarah, would be so bummed if you left or got hurt. Just be smart aight? Aight, I'm out!

vadgealicious said...

Hermione, use the string to hang yourself when sarah is not looking.. im rooting for you too!

dimple said...

oh my god! i knew one of them would get out onto that ledge one day. great photo story sarah!

holly shuler said...

I love that story

Anonymous said...

You ARE like our Rosa Parks. Only, you know, funny.