Monday, April 16, 2007

My feet feel exposed.

At the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie Spring and I were sitting with our feet on the railing in the theater, and this elderly gentleman came up to us. He handed me a sheet of paper, and said, “I liked your feet, and so I drew them. I want you to have it. There is no charge or anything.”

Spring and I accepted the piece of paper graciously and found that what the man said was true. He had drawn our feet. We were slouched down in the chairs with our feet up on the railing, and so he had drawn the back of our heads as well.

I called “dibs” on the drawing. Spring told me that if I was not going to treat it well then she was going to take it away from me. I told her that I would put the picture up on my refrigerator until I could get it framed. She then told me that was a horrible place to put the picture because food would be splattered all over it.

I think that the real question that you should be asking right now is not “Why would this man draw Spring and Sarah’s feet at a movie theater?” but, “What do Spring and Chad do when they get food out of the refrigerator? Sloush it around? Throw food at each other in sheer enjoyment of life and marriage?” I do not know, nor have I been invited to join in on such activities.

I put the picture up on my refrigerator anyway. Spring does not come to my apartment because she is allergic to cats. Therefore, I am not worried about her coming to take it from me.

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