Monday, April 23, 2007

The Shaving

This movie sucked. I do not recommend.

What I do recommend is Hillary Swank's awesome hair in the movie.

Her hair was long and flowing. She would wear it up in a brown clippie. Her hair is the ONLY reason to see this movie.

Unless you interested in seeing a pubescent girl run around with "menstrual" blood dried and crusted on her leg. Neat.

Also the The Reaping's title reminded Spring of "The Shaving," from ATHF.
"Nice head. I think I'll take it."

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drbaucom said...

I actually thought it was okay, but I think that's because I had very low expectations. Yeah, the menstrual blood was pretty gross.

I agree that Hillary Swank's hair was incredible. It made me sad that my long hair was gone.