Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ode to the ability to walk around in my underwear

Living alone has turned out to be a relatively pleasant surprise.

Mostly because I never knew the joy of walking around in my tank top and underwear.

My friends, there is great joy in this for me because Texas is the hottest freaking place to live in the world. Not only is it hot, but it is fucking hot because of the freaking buildings that somehow create a new sun. A hotter sun in the middle of the city.

Therefore, when I come home, and I immediately throw off whatever work clothes I have on down to my tank top and my underpants.

At first, it felt wrong, and my conservative modest childhood household rules were still bearing down on me. I would think thoughts like “Oh no what if someone comes to the door,” or “What if there is a fire.” Now I am like, “Who cares?” It is like my bathing suit. Besides no one comes to my door other than Lee Ella, and I just wrap a sheet around my bottom half. Which by the way I am pretty sure Lee Ella hates.

It is especially fun to dance around in my underwear. How liberating.


bookem, danny said...

you could try changing your name to doogan, it was our secret name for cigs in high school, stuck, still use it today.

Katy said...

Ah, the one perk I enjoyed while living alone in Portland (because I suck at living alone...I don't have your gift for making it work) was walking around with my bathrobe hanging open after my shower in the morning. Bathrobe over birthday suit = awesome.

Spring said...

I love walking around in undies and a wife beater. I'm pretty sure Chad likes it too. Ryan and Sam, not so much.

drbaucom said...

Enjoy this while you can. If you walk around in your underwear when you're married, your spouse will think it's an invitation. Not that that's anything unpleasant, but you get what I mean. Sometimes you just want to be in your underwear.

Spring said...


vanessa said...

its also nice to use the bathroom with the door open. i too, love living alone!