Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Finally doing something rebellious.

Tuesday I did something that I have wanted to do for the past 24 years. During college, I wanted a facial piercing—which never happened for fear of parental disownment. Even though my little sister, Sheena has a nose ring.

A tattoo is something that I have always wanted, but I have never known what to get. Finally though because Lee Ella was getting one—I decided that in honor of her moving on and getting out of Dallas for a better life I would finally get one too.

When people tell you that getting a tattoo is painful, they are not lying to you. At first the process did not hurt that bad, but as he kept working on my back I realized that if he did not stop I was going to have to get up out of the chair and hit him over the head with the book I was attempting to read. That is the kind of pain I was in.

Speaking of the book, I was reading—it is a book of short stories by Frances Kafka. I was starting The Metamorphosis. Mostly thought I was just squeezing the side of the book with my hands and wishing that I had drank a lot of ALCOHOL before going to have something so painful permanently ink’d on my wide, white, back.

Although I did start singing a song from the Frances Kafka rock opera from that one episode of Home Movies. “I’ve got tiny little bug feet. I don’t really know what bugs eat. Livin' like a bug ain't easy. ”

Now for your viewing pleasure:


Spring said...

I do believe that most places won't let you get a tattoo with alcohol in your system. Something about it thinning blood. Or is that ibuprofin? I dunno.

Katy said...

He is Franz Kafka! Franz Kafka!

Congrats to you for being brave.

drbaucom said...

Yesso!!!! Awesome tat.