Thursday, May 3, 2007

While eating Thai food on a rainy night in Dallas

Last night I ate dinner at Thai restaurant with Lee Ella, and while there, three young men came in to the restaurant stating loudly that they were drunk and needed to eat drunk food.

While Lee Ella and I were chitchatting, I overheard many of their conversations. Which mostly involved each one of them having a conversation with themselves about three different topics.

“My wife is turning 29 this year, and wants to have a baby. But I still feel like a big kid.” The first guy says.
“I loved Puerto Rico, but I left my favorite pair of swimming trunks there,” replies the second guy in a compassionate and understanding voice.
“I really enjoy jazz music.” Affirming what the second guy has compassionately told the first guy.

I love drunken people conversations.

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Katy said...

It's nice that they said something nice about Puerto Rico since you're going there sometime!