Thursday, June 21, 2007

Puerto Rico was great

I went all the way to Puerto Rico to hang out in an above ground pool.

I did end up going to the beach. Although this isn't the beach that caused my near death. That is for another post at another time though.

This was the most important part of my trip to Puerto Rico.

Drinking coconut milk that has been chilled and put back into the coconut.


Spring said...

Friend, are you not blogging anymore?

Or did you, too, start a secret blog? haha.

holly Shuler said...

Hi. I learned something in church this morning, so I want to tell you. It was about hospitality and the pastor said that the word in Greek came from a word that means "to show love to strangers" and the word is xenophilia. I said to Richie, "That is like Luna's dad!!!" But he did not care.