Sunday, October 14, 2007

Charmin Commercial

I don’t even know what to say. Expect that I am not impressed. There are so many things wrong with this commercial. I know you want to understand, and so you can perfectly understand the problems I have with the commercial I will make a list.

Let us begin with the most obvious:
1. Bears do not use toilet paper.
2. Bears do not use outhouses.
3. Typically, bears are not found at the beach.
4. Bears are not bright blue or bright red.
5. Why are these bears waiting so long to use the bathroom?
6. Bears do not have to wait to go. They just go wherever they are.

Is it just me—or is the advertising industry trying to make me seem like a dumbass who will buy anything?

I will answer my own question—I just checked my own toilet paper and it is of course Charmin.

Advertising industry: 1
Sarah’s cognitive thinking skills: 0


molly said...

I'll play the devil's advocate here and defend the advertising company for Charmin...
-the bears are cute (even if they're unnatural colors)
-bears are soft, therefore we would have to assume they would have to make soft toilet paper
-if you were a cute and colorful bear, would you squat in the forest or use an outhouse that was provided?...i think i've made my point.

he he.

Holly said...

They were running so desperately but then they didn't even have to go. They just stopped and played with the toilet paper. That's what doesn't make sense to me.

I have been buying Cottonelle ever since I saw the commercial where the puppy is using it as a hammock, but I'm afraid there might be dog hair on it.

The commercial I HATE is the one where the ladies twirling their skirts represent tampons.

Anonymous said...

Ooh. I also hate the idea of aspiring starlets on their way to becoming midrange call girls/temps personifying tampons in coreographed dance numbers.

But I choose to believe neither the bears nor the dog--who's voiced by the truly horrifying Zack Braff--have any relationship to my beloved posh tp. Or all-around-expanding tampons.

Um. I'm going to bed.

PS, Molly, I will squat in the woods before using an outhouse. Outhouses are gross.

(This is Lee Ella, as if that were not obvious.)

christine grove said...

makes me think of "bare" (bear) bottoms. I think it's brilliant, and cute,