Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Poor Ellen.

Look, I know there is war going on in Iraq, genocide in Darfar, and the over all knowledge that things are shitty all over—but I want to talk about Ellen.

Dear LORD! Why doesn’t that dog agency just give the family the dog back? What the hell is their problem?

Dog + two girls = happy.
Rescue agency + backing from celebrity = more money and more dogs rescued.

How come I am the only one who can do math? Besides making Ellen cry on her own show is just bad form.

I know that the owners of this agency are receiving death threats, but I hope that they realize that if this agency had done this to Oprah they would be dead by now.


Katy said...

I feel unfortunately out of the loop because I don't know what the hell you are talking about.

Also, I laughed my arse off at your Charmin post. You are one funny lady.

Lel said...

Did you know that Ike Turner died? Will you sleep a little better knowing that he's not out there waiting to do horrible things to you?

albert levi said...

you need to update your blog.