Thursday, April 17, 2008

Augustana - Boston (Album version)

My roommate Ellie cleverly has been singing the song “Boston” by Augustana, and she changes the lyrics to “I think I’ll go to Austin.” I don’t think that she realized when she started singing it that way that I had actually in my mind already been singing it that way.

So, “I think I’ll go to Austin, I think I’ll start a new life.”

I am moving to Austin. I start my new job on May 5.

I hope to blog. I hope that someone will read what I blog. Mostly though I hope to have something to blog about.

Here is to hoping I get a life.


Anonymous said...


albert levi said...

you better blog.
or i'll come down there and kick your ass until you do.

Katy said...

You better blog. Also, my old publisher just took a job as the publisher of the Austin American Statesman. Maybe when Brandon and I are finished traversing the globe, there will be a reportorial job for me in Austin!