Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Meredith loves McDreamy

So, I started watching Grey’s Anatomy again. I could not help it. Friend, R (I am taking a cue from Ann here on shorting people’s names to one letter) in Austin watches and he got me watching it again.

I used to write regularly about Grey’s Anatomy, and how ridiculous it all was. I think it was something that most people enjoyed reading. Perhaps I will do it about Lost too, but the problem with most Lost fans is that they are always a few episodes or seasons behind for some reason. No one fan is on the same page with Lost.

So anyway, back to Grey’s. I think, actually I know in my gut that Rose is going to be pregnant. She is going to be pregnant with McDreamy’s baby, and even though we all were celebrating that finally, FINALLY, Meredith can love—McDreamy is going to have a baby with Rose, the nurse. I like Rose. She deserves better than McDreamy though. Maybe she can date Christina?

George and Lexie are obviously going to end up together. And by “end up together,” I mean have sex. I do not mean fall in love and have a meaningful relationship. People do not do that on Grey’s Anatomy. Since George could not have Meredith he will get his chance to have Lexie. She is, in my opinion, much more awesome than Meredith anyway.

Can I just say, “Called it” about Calli and Erica. Calli is a weirdo character with no direction. My prediction is that next season she is going to be dating the Chief or something like that. She is the character most likely to sleep with the most unlikely character on the show. She slept with George, McSteamy, and now she is going to sleep with Erica. Oh, Dr. Torres, you mislead and strangely written character.

Alex and Izzy should be together, I think. Alex is a crap head, and Izzy is too—so they belong together. Both of them are self-righteous, indigent, and use their “medical” training as a way to let people almost die or actually die. *Cough* Denny.

Anyway, what did you think of the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy?

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Katy said...

You are so right about Lost fans. We're never all on the same page. I am so far behind. I think it is because it will require a serious time commitment to catch up, and I won't have time until, um, maybe after my wedding? Good news. Brandon and I registered for Lost on DVD. Maybe someday we will catch up.

It is so weird that you blogged about GA. This morning I was thinking in the shower that I bet no one watches that show anymore. I need to call Nicole and ask her. Anyway, by the sound of it and the fact that none of those names sound even remotely familiar, I'm guessing the show is even more out of hand than ever.