Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Please, feel free to be jealous

I think most people have a list of things that they want to do before the die. I know I do. Sunday night I got to cross one thing off.

See Radiohead live in concert.

Just so you know Thom Yorke dances like an amazing, white, British man with nothing to lose.

Plus they played Fake Plastic Trees, Paranoid Android, Pyramid Song, You and Whose Army, and The Bends. Radiohead played other songs of course, but I just wanted to rub these songs in your face.

What did you do on Sunday night?


master said...

Me like.

ps. I was just joking about your list, they are all movies I would watch twice in a row

Katy said...

On Sunday night, I went to Jesus church. On Sunday night, you went to Radiohead church. I think both are equally holy events.