Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Regarding the New Job and New Co-Workers

If there is something that The Office has taught us is that people can survive a boring job it they have clever and wonderful work friends. Thus far two days into my into my new job in Austin—I have not yet met a Jim to my Pam, Dwight, or even Michael. If I had to categorize very many of my new co-workers they would be more like Angelas. I think I have might have met a Phyllis and even a Meredith.

Don’t get me wrong, my co-workers all seem very nice. We even have a British administrative assistant. I have my own cubicle, and I do not have to deal with clients who would rather live their lives in denial then actually help their own children. So that is all a bonus. There is also a refrigerator thief around. My plan is catch this thief red-handed. I have yet to figure out the plan. However I think it will involve my urine and a bucket of sherbet.

The weird thing about co-workers is that you spend so much of your time with them. You spend more time with your co-workers than you do your own family or friends. That is when your co-workers actually become your friends. Then they become your work family. I had a work family in Dallas. I had a warm, comfortable work family. Work families though unlike real families quickly forget their lost member, and fill the spot with someone else.

Oh, well.

I could still meet my Jim. It is more likely though that I will meet a Dwight. This could make for good blog writing.


Katy said...

How's the new life? Pictures please!

Praying for you. Hope things are good and that you find your niche. I think it will be there.

Brandon and I are coming to Austin sometime soon to visit my aunt whom he has not met yet. I'll make sure to call you. =)

dimple said...

Your work family misses you dearly and they have not forgotten you. I'm sure you already know this though.