Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My new boyfriend

I have a new boyfriend. His name is Dave Ramsey. As most of my close friends know, I have many, many boyfriends. My number one boyfriend is Jim Halpert, my number two is probably James McAvoy or Edward Norton. I also have Ben Linus who is my “bad-guy” boyfriend. Now I have Dave Ramsey who is my “financial guy” boyfriend.

I hope that if you don’t know who Dave Ramsey is that you will immediately Wikipedia him, and then start listening to his show every single day.

Dave is my new boyfriend because of his great advice about money, but mostly because I love how he talks about wives. Dave loves his wife, and he is always saying wonderful things about how he listens to her. He makes me want to get married, but in a way that is healthy. A way that invovles budgets and communication. A sexy budget way.

In addition, Dave’s advice has turned my life around. I am on my way to being debt free. It is not easy. I finally understand a budget. My poor father tried to teach me to budget years ago, and I was too dense to get it. I am in the process of taking Financial Peace University, which is Dave’s 13-week class. My father tried to teach me to budget with Excel, and lets be honest—I am never going to be smart enough to really understand Excel. I have budget forms now that I really understand. They are easy enough for even me.

I hope that with Dave’s advice I will work off paying my debts, but also saving for my future. And other lame ass sayings.

Also, please keep your fingers crossed that I will get a part-time job at Borders Bookstore.


Dylan said...

That's awesome Sarah! What first attracted me to Molly was her "sexy budget" ways. Irresistable!

master said...

Yeah, Im so glad Dave came into your life! Youve always wanted to be good with money and he makes it so practical.

Thanks for sharing his tips with me too!!! Think how amazing our life is going to be without any debt:)

master said...

maybe your sexy budget ways will get you a boyfriend too;)

Katy said...

Dear Sarah,

Budgets are sexy. And with budgets, we can be sexy in new and exciting ways.