Monday, June 30, 2008

On Seeing Famous People in Austin

So, this weekend, I went to a bar called the Mean Eyed Cat in Austin, Texas. As I walked around the corner to see if there was any seating on the patio, I saw a man that looked familiar. My mind quickly stated, “Oh that man looks like Justin Long.” Then as I looked at the woman seating next to him, I thought, “Oh, and of course that is his girlfriend Drew Barrymore.” Then I realized that I was not in the movie theater, and that I was in my real life and that right before my eyes was two famous people.

I slowly turned to my friend E, who is a long-time college friend who lives in Austin, and said, “E that is Justin Long and Drew Barrymore seating in the corner.” She looked over my shoulder, and said, “Are you sure?” I looked back to make sure, and looked at her and said, “Yes that is them. We have to go inside or I am going to freak out.”

We went inside, and I proceeded to tell E’s boyfriend, M and friend R what we had seen. They also went outside to confirm. About an hour later as we were all seating outside drinking, and attempting to forget that we were in the same bar as two famous people my sister Sheena went around the corner to check it out and stated, “Oh my gosh they are making out!”

Drew Barrymore is a tiny person, but she is so pretty. I could not believe that she was as pretty in real life as she was on television. Seeing her in the bar for me was like seeing someone that I knew in high school, but that I was not very good friends with. She was so familiar to me, and yet not at all. I had so many questions for her, but at the same time, I knew better than to ask her any of them. I knew how inappropriate it would have been to say, “I’m not Josie-Grosie anymore.”

They left the bar about 2 hours after we had been there, and I sighed with relief because I had been concentrating on making sure that I was keeping my cool and being as cool as I could in the situation. Although, I imagined myself being like the sister in the movie Knotting Hill and when meeting Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) she decides instead of playing it cool to make a complete ass out of herself. However, I decided that playing it cool was better for my own self image.

I do really think Drew Barrymore and I could be best friends.


Katy said...

Man, what is it with famous people that makes us so nervous? When I went to the SoCal in September, Chino and I went out for breakfast in Hollywood and ended up sitting directly on the other side of a window from two celebrities. If there hadn't been the pane of glass between us, we would have been sitting at the same table. Alas, the glass was there and we felt like we were in an episode of Seinfeld. Don't look, don't look!

Anonymous said...

They were also at the Continental Club for Alejandro Esovedo's cd release show. Now, THAT is cool. Link to picture:

Anonymous said...

Shoot. You'll have to add Al to your myspace friends to view the link. Worth doin'.