Thursday, July 24, 2008

On my newest obession

I have a new obsession. Broth.

Weird huh? When I lived Lee Ella she made vegetable broth—since she is a veggie (who recently ate fish, shame, shame Lee Ella). I thought she was the world’s weirdest person alive. I thought to myself, “Who makes broth anyway? What is this 1912?”

What did I know anyway?

Flash forward to about a month ago, and I was perusing the internet and found a recipe for a yummy sweet potato chili, and it called for vegetable broth. I was like, “Oh, that is what you use broth for.”

Therefore, I immediately copied my dear old friend Lee Ella and started reading all of the internet(s) about broth.

Broth can be made from scrapes! Scrapes of veggies, meat, bones, shells—anything that is left over you can make it into a broth. I love that about broth. I love the idea of not wasting anything for the sake of making something even more AWESOME. I take my scraps, I put them in a big freezer baggie, and I leave it in the freezer. Then when my bag is full—I put the veggies in the Crockpot and it cooks all day. When I get home, I have yummy delicious broth.

I also like to talk about making broth. I am sure my sister gets so sick of me just going on about how I am going to use these vegetable scraps to make more broth. Of course, Sheena might not care if we have broth—but now that I have had it, I can never go back to a non-broth world. Once I made some vegetable broth, and Sheena was like, “What do you do with it now,” and I was like, “WHAT! You can do anything with it!” Silly Sheena.

Friend E was over the other day, and I was making rice—and I was like “Oh, I am going to cook the rice in this vegetable broth I just made,” and although she acted like she was interested—I wonder if she was actually thinking, “WEIRDO.”

What do you think about broth?


Katy said...

I love to make risotto using broth. You can probably use whatever kind you like, though I usually make it with chicken broth. Sweetness.

mollyfila said...

i'm intrigued with the broth making. i might just have to make me some...