Thursday, July 3, 2008

So go ahead, push your luck

My parents got married 27 years ago today. There is something so wonderful about being able to celebrate my best friends’ wedding anniversary and my parents’ wedding anniversary all in the same week.

I think that my parents are like a great vintage wine that just gets better with age. They are wonderful people, who have taught my siblings and me how to love each other. I remember when Sheena and I would fight when we were children, my mother would make us hug, kiss and say we were sorry. Sheena and I still fight of course, but we never stay mad at each other for long. I have also heard people comment on how close the three of us are, and even when Sean was just a small person (he is a very LARGE person now) Sheena and I always took him everywhere with us. I would almost rather hang out with Sean then any other person out there.

Growing up, my parents’ home was always the safest place in the world. There will never be another place that could represent as much rest as I can find in their house. Except of course Hawaii, but I have not been to Hawaii, so I do not know.

Dar Williams writes in her song After All, “I am the daughter of a great romance, and they are the children of the war.” I am the daughter of a great romance. Although my parents have had their up and downs—I know that they still love each other, and that they want to stay loving each other even when that gets hard. As I get older, I learn that most of life is a battle, and that those battles make-up your life’s war. Like war in the physical sense—metaphorical “life war” destroys, and all that you can do is keep rebuilding.

So, for the second time this week please lift your Champaign glasses in the air (yes, even you Mom, but you have sparkling cider),so that I can toast my parents for 27 years of marriage, for raising three well adjusted children, and for helping me to recognize that love comes in many different forms. May you have another 27 and more years together.

Thank you, Mom and Dad.


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Katy said...

Sniff. I just love your rents.