Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Important Email I Wrote at Work Today

In case you were wondering what I do all day here is an email that I wrote in my frustrated attempts to make being a state employee be a little more glamorous.

To Whom It May Concern,

As you know recently all computers were upgraded to Windows Media Player 11. When my download was complete, I contacted the help desk because I could not see the “now playing” option or the other menu options. The help desk informed me that they would open a ticket, however I did not hear anything. Today I called the help desk and was told that the “now playing” option on Windows Media Player had been removed.

Within the previous version of Windows Media Player, I was able to see my “now playing” list, and to create a playlist if needed. I realize that being this large of an operation that the State of Texas (or DFPS) has regulations regarding what employees can and cannot use on their computer. However, I spend 8 hours a day at this desk and in a cubicle, therefore making this tiny part of what is just a cubicle to many people—practically my second home. I am still able to listen to music and to CD’s that I bring, but I find it frustrating that I cannot create a playlist of the music that I bring on my jump drive.

I find it slightly insulting that DFPS believes that it cannot trust state employees with this basic computer program. I even understand restricting internet access from this program so that music and other types of media cannot be downloaded on to the computer. I previously worked for Child Protective Services, The State of Texas trusted me enough to interview parents and children, to go to court and testify on the State of Texas’s behalf, and yet I am not trusted with these menu options in Windows Media Player. Currently, The State of Texas entrusts me to ensure that millions of dollars of the State of Texas’s money is spent correctly. Perhaps you might be able to understand why I am so frustrated about DFPS continuing to restrict access to basic computer programs that I have been using for years.

I used to listen regularly to Yahoo Music—until this option was also blocked by DFPS. I realize that websites like Yahoo Music use a lot of bandwidth, and that is probably why DFPS does allow employees to view this site. However, to compensate for that lack of an option I bring music to work to listen to on my headphones.

I do not know why the menu options have been removed from Windows Media Player, however if there is a chance that I could have them returned to my desktop I would really appreciate that. I also appreciate you taking the time to read my email. If you cannot return the menus to my Windows Media Player—then can you please explain why DFPS has chosen to remove these menus and how it jeopardizes my job to have these options?

Again, I appreciate your time.

Thank you,
Sarah McCrary

Please note that even with this frustrated email that I have written that I will never be able to have playlists on my work computer again. It really is almost enough to make a person quit their job. However, I would miss being able to bank my vacation and sick leave. Also, perhaps one could argue it is an issue of priorities. But who doesn't put listening to music at the top of their list?

Isn't being a grown up about being able to do whatever the hell you want? I always thought it was.


Katy said...

Can you download iTunes to your work computer? That's how we're set up here at D/People Newspapers. I can listen to other peoples' music much like we did at JBU and upload my own.

Sarah Mac said...

Haha! No we can defintely not have iTunes. That would just be too wonderful for us.

onedaylate said...

I'm your third favorite topic out of all the topics in the world? Wow. I feel completely honored. Bronze medal for me. Kickass.

And, apropos the computer thingy, yuck.

I'm working oh so hard right now at finding a job in Austin and convincing that people to hire me and, hopefully, not restrict my work day over much. Then we can go out after work and eat cake together. Mmm. Cake.

master said...

fuck those fuckers