Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On a good weekend in Dallas.

While at work looking at pictures via Spring’s flickr, I realized how truly blessed that I am to have friends who will gather around a table and share food with me. My favorite part of the collection of pictures is how we most of us are always laughing. Usually, about something probably Sam said in regards to his views regarding life in general.

My weekend in Dallas was a constant reminder of what I have left. Spring kept assuring me that I can come back if I want to. Dimple would mention it a few times as well, but I don’t know if you can “go back.”

What is wonderful about Dallas now is that when I go visit I get to stay at Spring and Chad’s house, I get to see old co-workers at happy hours, and I get to feel like I belong again. I don't have to preface every story I tell with an explanation of who all the people in the story are. The stories are usually about the people I am with. I get to drink random Colombian liquorish tasting liquor at Puerto Rican parties with my Puerto Rican friends. I get to spend all afternoons reading a book in a guest bed with Rufus, my goddog. What could be better? It is not about going back, but it is knowing where I am loved.

This is the "gang" minus Ellie who was coming back from a caving trip, and Spring who is behind the camera.


Spring said...

I just noticed Chad's face in this picture. Hilarious.

But, seriously, you can come back. ;)

Katy said...

Sounds like a good weekend! =)

Thank you for making it to the shower. Love you.