Thursday, September 4, 2008

This post is about what I have been doing lately.

Sorry, I have been away. When my life is disappointing, I feel no ability to communicate anything positive, funny, or to be creative in any capacity.

However, perhaps you would like to know the recent news in my life. I will give it to you in bullet points.

  • I got a 2nd job at JcPenny’s. I like it for the most part. I don’t like that I have to push credit card applications. Although, you do win nice little awards in recognition of your work. I like that. I like concrete answers to things.
  • I am coming to Dallas for the weekend.
  • I hate the job that I got when I moved to Austin. Turns out that I am people person, and not a pushing paper, copy and pasting for another document, and absolutely no creative freedom person.
  • I got a really cool deal on 54 Rubbermaid plastic containers at Sam’s Club. ($19.87)
  • I have lost ten pounds.
  • I am very excited about Fall television.
  • I want Leanne to win on Project Runway.
  • Having a job I hate has made me realize that I want to be a counselor. I am going to go back to school, get my MSW, and be counselor. Then I can set my own hours.
  • My programmable coffee maker is broken. This sucks.

What has been up in your life?


-L said...

I want Leanne to win Project Runway too!!

And that Joe dude needs to go. I can't believe he's lasted so long.

This is Lane, btw..we went to school together at JBU :)

Julia said...

I need to catch up on this season of PR! I just started the MSW program at KU (I hear UT has an awesome program though, you should look into it!) It feels SO GOOD to be back in the classroom learning things again. The last two years of working as a secretary were totally draining for me, I was so miserable most of the time. I know being a social worker will be stressful, but I hope it will feel somewhat meaningful too. You should move up here, Dennis and I are both at KU right now :) It'd be a fam/hum reunion. Bring Mary Beth too ;)

Katy said...

So excited you are going to be in Dallas for the weekend. Yay! If you are up for it, a bunch of my friends and I are going to Gloria's for dinner tonight and then salsa dancing. You know you want to!

(Otherwise, see you Sunday?)

Joy said...

I love Leanne too! I was just trying to figure out who the top three are, and I really hope she gets there!