Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Twenty-Six and San Antonio

Last Sunday I turned twenty-six years old. I am glad that it was on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and so it rolled over me like fog. It was quiet and gloomy, and I felt lost in it. It could have been worse though.

I am spending this week in San Antonio for training for my new job. San Antonio is a really neat city, and tonight I was able to take a “taxi” on the river. I am staying in my very own grown up hotel room on the 9th floor. This room overlooks the city. I feel very adult and lonely too. But these are two feelings that I believe go together often.

Anyway, San Antonio is very pretty, and while riding the taxiboat I took a picture. I took it with my cell phone so the quality is not that great.

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Riding on a taxiboat in San Antonio is a new favorite memory and perhaps a good sign for year twenty-six.