Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm Back and I'm 30!

When reading the title of this post make sure to make jazz hands and in a sing-song voice say,   “I’m back and I’m 30!”  You’ll like it.  I promise.

According to this blog it’s been since 2008 since I last wrote a blog post, and from the looks of the post it was a cheat anyway where I just posted pictures of my furry companion Hermione.  Since 2008, I discovered Twitter, and within Twitter lies a world where my one to two sentence ramblings are sufficient and appreciated by my 138 followers, and it seemed in a world full of blogs – who would want to read mine.

But I’m 30 now, and I believe I have so much to share.  And when a girl turns into a lady it’s a beautiful and easy process.  One day you go to sleep a girl and the next day you wake up a beautiful and confident woman who knows what she wants.  Actually all of that was a lie, and I only wrote it so that I could seem Hollywood-esque.  Getting older is more like dragging something heavy and bulky through a deep snow.  It’s awkward, it’s sweaty, it’s painful, and you feel stupid. 

At the same time, getting older is awesome, and maybe it’s really only your 20s when you’re dragging around baggage that isn’t yours, wondering why you brought it.  Since turning 30, I have started leaving all that baggage that belonged to someone else behind. I want to start writing about it because I have started having these crazy adventures, and I am in love with my life. 

I promise to write here.  I promise to write about my adventures in dating, in therapy, in living alone, in visiting my family, but most of all I promise to just write.  My old posts are up still, but I have no idea what I want this blog to even look like.  Write now it’s just the template “simple,” and that just feels right (write. GET IT?).

Feel free to read here if you want, but also feel free not to.  I’m not the boss of you.


Renee T said...

I can't wait to read all about your great adventures in life!! When I read the title of this post I thought of Molly Shannon kicking her leg up and saying "I'm 50!" Good luck with this blog!

Yessizzie said...

I am pumped!

Steven McCrary said...

Please blog about Game of Thrones 'cause I'm so p*ss*d 'bout it. :-)

SheenaBlog said...